Automobile insurance is a policy purchased by vehicle owners to mitigate the costs of a car accident. Instead of paying out of the pocket for car accidents, people pay annual premiums to a car insurance company and pay all or most of the costs associated with a car accident or other vehicle damage.

Automotive insurance premiums vary depending on age, gender, years of driving experience, history of accidents and infringements and others. Most states require that all car owners buy a minimum amount of car insurance, but many people buy additional insurance to further protect themselves.

Typical auto insurance coverages include:
Property – damage to or theft of your vehicle
Liability – legal responsibility to others for bodily injury or damage to property
Medical – costs of treating injuries, rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages

An auto insurance policy will cover you and other family members on the policy, whether driving your car or someone else’s car (with their permission). Your policy also provides coverage to someone who is not on your policy and is driving your car with your consent.

Personal auto insurance covers only personal driving. It does not cover you when you use your vehicle for commercial purposes, such as delivery. It will also not cover you if you use your car for ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft.

Our 15+ years of experience and our relentless commitment to exceptional customer service make Twin Palms Insurance Group different. No two businesses are exactly the same and we are committed to offering flexible and intelligent underwriting solutions, with coverage tailored to a business’s needs. We also don’t shy away from complex risks. Contact Twin Palms Insurance today to discuss your options.

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